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Te Kāhui Kairuruku Taupiringa o Aotearoa

Tandi Wright


Tāmaki makau-rau/Auckland

Tandi is a founding member of Intimacy Coordinators Aotearoa.  

Tandi is one of the most experienced intimacy coordinators in New Zealand, and was among the first to be fully accredited in Aotearoa. In 2018 she began training with Ita O’Brien of Intimacy On Set (UK), and has worked widely in the industry since that time, achieving full accreditation in 2021. Tandi has also worked alongside Alicia Rodis and Claire Warden of IDC, so she is well versed in approaches to intimacy coordination from both sides of the Atlantic.  Tandi is also a highly respected and experienced actor, with over 30 years experience working in the US, Australia and NZ. 

Tandi is Vice-President of Equity New Zealand, the performers’ union, and co-author of the Intimacy Guidelines for Stage and Screen in NZ. She is a founding member of Intimacy Tāmaki, and regularly speaks at ScreenSafe/SWAG Professional Respect Training Workshops for screen industry HODs.

Tandi has served as intimacy coordinator on a wide variety of screen projects including major studio productions (The Sympathizer for HBO/A24, Spartacus:The House of Ashur for Lionsgate/Starz, X for A24, Chief of War for AppleTV, No Escape for Paramount, The Rings of Power S1 for Amazon, Choose Love for Netflix, One Of Us Is Lying for NBCU), independent films (The Rule of Jenny Pen, Nude Tuesday, Pike, Juniper, The Justice of Bunny King), local TV series (My Life is Murder, Westside, Under The Vines), and many others.

She holds certificates in Professional Respect Training for the Screen Industry (ScreenSafe/SWAG), Fundamentals of Child Protection (Safeguarding Children), First Aid & Mental Health First Aid (St John).

Tandi has a BA in Theatre, Film and History, a Diploma of Drama from Toi Whakaari, and has studied at the Globe Theatre in London. 

Intimacy Coordination Credits

2024 – We Were Dangerous (Feature Film) – Piki Island Ltd 

2024 – The Gone S2 (TV Series) – Keeper Pictures/Kotare Productions/Southern Light Films

2024 – Spartacus: The House of Ashur (TV Series) – Lionsgate/Starz

2023 – The Sympathizer (TV Series) Thailand portion – A24/HBO

2023 – Chief of War (TV Series) – Fifth Season Ltd/Apple TV

2023 – The Rule of Jenny Pen (Feature Film) – Light in the Dark Productions.

2023 – Deep Water (Feature Film) – Arclight Films

2023 – The Canyon (Feature Film) – Arclight Films

2023 – Dark City (TV Series) – Lionsgate/Endeavour Ventures

2023 – Pike (Feature Film) – 31 Films Ltd

2023 – My Life is Murder S3 (TV Series) – Greenstone TV

2023 – Friends Like Her (TV Series) – Great Southern TV

2023 – Tinā (Feature Film) – Tu Fa’atasi Films Ltd

2023 – Went Up the Hill (Feature Film) – Hill Top Films Ltd

2022 – No Escape (TV Series) – Paramount Pictures/New Pictures/All 3 Media

2022 – Choose Love (TV Series) – Netflix/GC Films Ltd

2022 – Mystic S3 (TV Series) – BBC/Libertine Pictures

2022 – Head South (Feature Film) – Head South Cohort Ltd

2022 – Help, I’m Alien Pregnant (Short Film) – Candlelit Pictures

2022 – One Lane Bridge (TV Series) – Great Southern Television

2022 – The Gone (TV Series) – Kotare Productions

2022 – The Return (Short Film) – Run Charlie Films

2021 – X (Feature Film) – A24/Powder Keg Farms

2021– The Tank (Feature Film) – GFC Films

2021 – One Of Us Is Lying, S1 (TV Series) – NBC Universal

2021 – Princess of Chaos (TV Movie) – Brown Sugar Apple Grunt/Chaos Films

2021 – Shortland St On Demand (TV Series) – South Pacific Pictures

2021 – Under The Vines (TV Series) – Libertine Pictures

2021 – The Panthers (TV Series) – Tavake Ltd

2020 – The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power S1 (TV Series) – Amazon/GSR Productions

2020 – Vegas (TV Series) – Greenstone TV

2020 – Punch (Feature Film) – Robin Murphy Productions/Blueskin Films

2020 – Nude Tuesday (Feature Film) – Firefly Films

2020 – Brokenwood (TV Series) – South Pacific Pictures

2020 – Six Angry Women (Documentary) – Emmeline Pictures

2020 – The Justice of Bunny King (Feature Film) – Firefly Films

2020 – Daisy Chain (Feature Film concept reel) – Misconception Films

2020 – Westside 6 (TV Series) – South Pacific Pictures

2020 – Juniper (Feature Film) – Sandy Lane Productions

2019/2020 – Shortland St (TV Series) – South Pacific Pictures

2019 – Head High S1 (TV Series) – South Pacific Pictures

2019 – Cowboy Bebop (TV Series) – Netflix

2019 – In Passing (Feature Film) – Slow Productions

2019 – There Is No I In Threesome (Feature Film) – Bloom Productions

Intimacy Coordination Credits

“The sweetest, kindest intimacy coordinator in the world”



“I could not have done this role without Tandi. She has a unique way of making you feel protected, safe, heard, confident and free. She has a calming demeanor that makes you feel in control and equally inspired. She is a professional in every sense of the word and so very kind. It was a joy to work with her to say the least.”



“Tandi is a master of this work – the way she held the cast during Nude Tuesday when we were at our most vulnerable was astonishing… She very deliberately created a culture of respect, empathy and clarity on set, which meant we were able to feel completely uninhibited being starkers for three full shoot days. No mean feat!!”



“Through a considered, measured, and humanistic approach I know Tandi is among the rarest of individuals who can excel at making sure everyone feels like they got what they needed to do their best work. I sincerely hope I can bring Tandi with me onto every project I’m a part of as I would just feel lost without her.” 

JACOB JAFFKE (Producer X and Pearl, A24)


“Tandi worked with the cast to establish clear boundaries that put us at ease as well as achieve the director’s vision.”  



“Tandi has a trustworthiness that is invaluable. She blends a robust professionalism with the care and tenderness that every actor craves when asked to make themselves vulnerable.  Tandi is an incredible listener and seems to intuitively know what each actor needs in order to feel safe and courageous. I can’t imagine making another film without an intimacy coordinator (preferably Tandi Wright!).”

JACKIE VAN BEEK (Actor & Writer, Nude Tuesday)


“Tandi is a caring and dedicated collaborator who ensures a safe and comfortable experience for everyone involved.”

TI WEST (Director X and Pearl, A24)


“Tandi was an amazing partner, collaborator and guide through what was a very intensive shoot as far as on screen intimacy was concerned.  We had it all on our film (hence the title ‘X’) and Tandi handled it with the exact amount of professionalism and sensitivity required for the Producers needs, the Directors creative vision, and the performers security.  There were some very challenging moments and we were all very grateful to have Tandi there to help navigate a path forward for us all.  She was a much loved & appreciated friend and crew member on the production and we all look forward to working with her again soon”

JARED CONNON (Line-Producer X, A24) 


“Having Tandi there as IC, took a lot of weight not only off me – but also the actors who, although very experienced, were just as nervous. Tandi’s friendly, non invasive manner reassured everyone, and what was potentially a tricky scene, ended up being easy and quick to shoot. She was extremely low impact in her approach but was always checking in to make sure we had what we needed. Having an Intimacy Coordinator actually saved us time, because Tandi had already done the ground work with the actors beforehand, meaning we could work more efficiently.”

GAYSORN THAVAT (Director, The Justice of Bunny King)


“Tandi was the first intimacy coordinator I’d ever worked with and she set the bar incredibly high. She took the entire process seriously without ever making the mood feel too serious or heavy. She made the cast feel completely comfortable, making sure to meet each cast member’s individual needs. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

DAMON HERRIMAN (Actor, Nude Tuesday)


“Tandi guided me with warmth, clarity and so much care. As a result I felt represented, and as a performer who had to work beyond my usual limit of comfort I look back on my work with pride and joy with no shame or awkwardness.”

CHRIS PARKER (Actor, Nude Tuesday)


“Tandi invested herself whole heartedly in the story and its characters. She is an excellent communicator and formed a deep sense of trust with our actors. She has a great sense of humour and brilliant at coming up with creative solutions. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

ARMAGAN BALLANTYNE (Director, Nude Tuesday)


“Tandi’s ability to work with the actors and their fears around these scenes, creating a safe environment and educating the cast and crew by providing ground rules for the appropriate behaviour, enabled all participants to perform at their absolute best. The cast felt well supported, safe and respected and the crew felt extremely relieved and grateful to have such professionalism around these situations.”

EMMA SLADE (Producer, The Justice of Bunny King & Nude Tuesday)


“I trust Tandi immensely. It means the world to know my intimacy coordinator is skilled in her craft, but also knows her way around a film set better than I do. She is a kind and generous energy who believes deeply in her work, these qualities directly resulted in my work being better!”

MORGANA O’REILLY (Actor, Nude Tuesday)


“As a producer it was invaluable to have Tandi to collaborate with and she was central in helping to set the tone and ensure that everyone involved felt comfortable, listened to and safe… I really can’t recommend Tandi enough as an intimacy co-ordinator.”

ALEX REED (Producer, There’s No “I” In Threesome)