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Carrie Thiel



Carrie is a founding member of Intimacy Coordinators Aotearoa.  

Carrie is a Wellington based intimacy coordinator and performance director with extensive experience staging violence and intimacy, and directing character movement and motion capture.  In 2019 they began training with Intimacy Directors International (USA) and from 2020 was mentored by Ita O’Brien of Intimacy On Set (UK) and Casey Hudecki of Intimacy Coordinators Canada, achieving full accreditation with ICC.   

Carrie has worked as an intimacy coordinator on television productions for Netflix & TVNZ, feature films, short films, web series and theatre productions, and on a wide range of projects as a performance director including The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (dir Peter Jackson), Alexander (dir Oliver Stone), and Kingdom of Heaven (dir Ridley Scott).  

Carrie is also a trained and accomplished stunt performer and a certified fight director with Fight Directors Canada, as well as a founding member of Aotearoa Fight Directors 

An experienced educator, she has presented professional training workshops for The Directors and Editors Guild of NZ, Women in Film and Television NZ, Equity New Zealand, New Zealand Improv Festival, BATS Theatre, NZ Fringe Festival, Musical Theatre NZ, Toi Whakaari – NZ Drama School, Victoria University of Wellington – Te Herenga Waka, Massey University, Whitireia – Te Pūkenga, Paddy Crean International Workshop, Capilano University, and Vancouver Film School.

Carrie holds certificates in Professional Respect Training for the Screen Industry (ScreenSafe/SWAG), Fundamentals of Child Protection (Safeguarding Children), First Aid & Mental Health First Aid (St John & Co-Liberate), and has undertaken additional training in Trauma Informed Practices, Disability Awareness and Access, Gender, Sexuality & LGBTQI+ Support.  

Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Carrie has a BFA in Acting (University of Alberta, Canada) and an MFA in Directing & Creative Practice (Victoria University of Wellington – Te Herenga Waka, New Zealand). 

Intimacy Coordination / Direction Credits

2024 – Romeo & Juliet (Stage) – Circle of Fifths

2023 – After the Party (TV Series) – TVNZ

2023 – Bad Behaviour (Feature Film) – Badly Behaved Babes Ltd

2023 – Milk Of Dreams (Short Film) – Exact Estimate Ltd

2023 – August: Osage County (Stage) – Toi Whakaari 

2023 – Saint Margo (Short Film) – Victoria University of Wellington

2023 – Little Shop of Horrors (Stage) – Porirua Little Theatre

2023 – Core (Stage) – BATS Theatre

2022 – Mary Mary (Short Film) – Someday Stories

2022 – It’s All About You (Feature Film) – About You Films Ltd

2022 – Gate Crash (Short Film) – Tomorrow, Rain Ltd

2022 – Self Help (Web Series) – Wrestler Studios

2022 – Macbeth (Stage) – NZ Opera

2022 – Rites of Passage (Stage) – Long Cloud Youth Theatre

2022 – Schamfreude (Stage) – NZ School of Music

2021 – Cowboy Bebop (TV Series) – Netflix

2021 – Fatso (Short Film) – Victoria University of Wellington

2021 – Late Night Pawn (Short Film) – Max De Roy Productions

2020 – A Midsummer Nights Dream (Stage) – Summer Shakespeare

2020 – HOLE (Stage) – Ice Floe Productions, Circa Theatre

2020 – The Late Shift (Short Film) – Victoria University of Wellington

2020 – Songbird (Short Film) – Victoria University of Wellington

2020 – Ophelia Thinks Harder (Stage) – Stagecraft, Gryphon Theatre

2019 – Pakaru (Stage) – BATS Theatre

2019 – Der Koch (Short Film) – Victoria University of Wellington

2019 – Scrubbing Day (Short Film) – Normal Company

2019 – Te Puna Hipi (Stage) – Victoria University of Wellington

2019 – Extremities (Stage) – Mana Little Theatre

2019 – Skin Tight (Stage) – Victoria University of Wellington

2019 – Beer Girl (Stage) – Victoria University of Wellington

2019 – True Love (Stage) – Victoria University of Wellington


“Carrie Thiel is well organised, a great communicator, and wonderful at leading the process when undertaking to shoot intimacy scenes. She identified scenes that she felt required intimacy support and stepped out a recommended process with the producers director and cast, for working with intimate material. This included adequate rehearsal time, checking in with cast prior to the shoot day, leadership and support on the scheduled shoot day and debriefing with cast and producers following the shoot. Being Wellington based, Carrie is a huge asset to our local production community. Thanks Carrie!”

DESRAY ARMSTRONG (Producer, Bad Behaviour)

“Having Carrie as our intimacy coordinator on the project was absolutely essential for the performances we got.” 

MICHELLE ANG (Director, Self Help) 

“We knew we were in safe hands with Carrie. The majority of our actors were under 30 years old so making them feel comfortable and safe was crucial to our shoot. As our intimacy coordinator, Carrie created an environment in which not only the actors felt supported, but the crew did also. With her gentle but firm approach on set, Carrie helped guide and educate us on the best approach for making sure everyone left feeling okay at the end of the shoot days. Carrie is an asset to the emerging field of intimacy coordination and after working with her myself and the team have a deeper understanding of the need for this role.”

KATE GOODWIN (Producer, Self Help)

“Carrie provided a clear process for our intimate moments/simulated sex scenes, and assisted us through the rehearsal & shoot.  We felt less self-conscious and really good about the work we did on the day.”

ELZ CARRAD (Actor, After the Party)

“I loved working with Carrie.  I felt so proud of the work we achieved.  It couldn’t have gone any better.  Carrie was great to work with and I felt held and supported throughout the rehearsal and shoot.” 

CONAN HAYES (Actor, Self Help)

“I have worked with Carrie as an actor on four different projects that had intimate scenes across theatre and film, and on every one she brought professionalism, personality, and care to the set, cast, and crew.  She brings a breadth of knowledge to every production and is an asset to any rehearsal room, as well as making the process fun.  She is very generous with her time, and makes sure you feel comfortable approaching her with any queries or questions, in or out of the rehearsal room.”  


“There were four scenes in our web series which we felt needed an Intimacy Coordinator. Carrie’s calm and intentional energy was well received with the actors and she collaborated well with the director, producers and crew. The scenes turned out beautiful and all involved felt really happy and safe in the space.  Carrie is an experienced film and theatre professional who understands the Wellington community and is a great resource for producers and studios here.”

KAT LINTOTT (Producer, Self Help)

“Thank you so much for working with us the other night.  I appreciated your easy going, friendly, empathetic vibe!  The exercises we did really helped set us up for the night.”  

CARLA SATRAM (Actor, Cowboy Bebop)

“Carrie worked with Tuuranga Acting Year One cohort during our Text Lab for 2023.  I feel very lucky to have worked alongside Carrie’s experience, kindness and excellence during this process.  Carrie contributed to the rich learning that was achieved through that project – and that now lives in us all.”

ERINA DANIELS (Senior Tutor, Toi Whakaari)

“Carrie made the experience better than I could’ve ever imagined! She is a pro at creating a safe and comfortable space, coaching through the rehearsal process and advocating for the actors on and off set. Having Carrie on the project made a massive difference to both me and the other actor especially since we hadn’t previously worked together and had a very short time to build a rapport and work on the scenes. Carrie made what could have been an awkward situation very comfortable and safe.  Looking back I can’t imagine the project without her!”

ANGELIKA ZUEVA (Body double, Cowboy Bebop)

“I worked with Carrie on HOLE in 2020, where she was both intimacy coordinator and fight choreographer. Carrie’s warmth and openness meant that I felt comfortable discussing whether the work felt right. I valued Carrie’s check-out process and still use some of those tools today.”


“Carrie brought a wrap-around professional process to the intimacy scenes. Having Carrie on set as IC helped the cast and crew feel comfortable and safe filming scenes involving nudity and intimacy. Performers gave positive feedback that they felt supported and were able to enjoy the shoot knowing Carrie was there for them. I really enjoyed working with Carrie as she is professional, was always just a phone call away and approached the work with sensitivity as well as a good sense of humour.”

ANNALISE PATTERSON (Casting Director, Cowboy Bebop)

“We knew how important it was to bring an Intimacy Coordinator into the production team to ensure the whole process was handled safely, respectfully and professionally. Carrie holds space in a calm, yet proactive way. She helped ensure the dialogue between the production crew and the actors was clear and respectful. Her work before, during, and after the shoot was integral to the production. She was open, direct and kind.”

MAX DE ROY (Writer & Director, Late Night Pawn)

“I am so glad we had an intimacy coordinator on set!  Carrie helped to break the ice between us and helped create a more natural looking connection in the scene.  I appreciated having a liaison between us and the crew – it was amazing knowing Carrie held a safe space for us to voice our concerns/questions. Her presence was greatly appreciated!”  

KASIA JOHNSON (Actor, Cowboy Bebop)

“The script was challenging for actors in that it required a high degree of sexual intimacy and close physical contact between the three main characters. As a development season, the script was constantly being revised during rehearsals, adding to potential anxiety and discomfort for the actors. Carrie made an outstanding contribution to the production as our intimacy director. She was meticulous in her preparation, identifying all of the moments in the script requiring physical contact and intimacy. Her questions opened up the creative process and enhanced the script revisions. Carrie ensured that rehearsals were safe and positive spaces, and that the actors all felt comfortable within the process. She fully supported the actors, and negotiated on their behalf when necessary.”

DAVID O’DONNELL (Director, Hole)

“As a playwright, actor and director, I wholeheartedly endorse the work that Carrie has introduced to me by way of intimacy co-ordination. I experienced first hand on my theatre production of Pakaru – the value that her work brought. The actors were left with more confidence and focus within a particularly sensitive subject matter. I consider this work so important for our industry as our cultural tide shifts towards more responsibility, safety and respect.”

MITCH TAWHI THOMAS (Director, Pakaru)

“Carrie has impressed me with her high level of understanding and skills in communicating best practice around intimacy coordination. Her workshops do not just take students through protocols, she has designed them to help students, actors, creatives, and professional filmmakers to understand the principles and deeper ethos that underlies these practices.  Students have benefited immensely from the sessions that she has run with us and have been able to move forward confident in their abilities to manage intimacy on location and set. I would like to include more of these sessions for undergraduates and wouldn’t hesitate to bring Carrie into further sessions for students at all levels of study.”

DR. PAUL WOLFRAMM (Associate Professor – film programme, Victoria University of Wellington)

“For the past four years Carrie Thiel has introduced the principles of performing intimacy to our large first year acting course at Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington. Carrie tailors the content for our course in an engaging, relevant, and accessible way. The classes inspire our students, providing essential and actionable information for anyone involved in the performing arts.”

JAMES WENLEY (Senior Lecturer – theatre programme, Victoria University of Wellington)

“Carrie was an excellent workshop facilitator. She held the room extremely well and created grounded, real connections with the participants who hung on her every word. I’d highly recommend Carrie for any workshops, mentorships or tutorials in this area.”

TOM NOBLE (Artists Manager, NZ Fringe Festival)